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Come explore this paradise

Located in the Andes Mountains, 900 meters above sea level, Lonquimay is a land of natural beauties, where centuries-old Monkey Puzzle trees dominate the landscape and snow-capped mountains sit in the background. In Winter, it is a backcountry ski and snowboarding paradise, whilst Summer is warm enough for hikes and water sports.

Who we are

We are passionate about conscious and sustainable tourism.

Our Services

We work as a personalized tourism agency, providing custom travel experiences and lodging.


Review some of our most memorable trips and moments.

Kallaki Volcano
Great snow
Laguna Blanca
Rio Bío-Bío
Mapuche's of Lonquimay
Volcán Lonquimay
Navidad Crater
Las Raíces
Cajón Grande
Lonquimay Volcano


“I had never been to a place as breathtaking as this one; where no matter in what direction I pointed the camera I captured a mind-blowing shot in my viewfinder.” 


—  Francisco, 7/2017, Khutrao expedition filmmaker

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