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Inspired by the beauty of the places and people around us, we set out on a journey of discovery and challenges. This documentary is our first cinematographic work, and it reflects our passion to share our values with the world: love for the outdoors, respect for indigenous communities, and self-discovery through hard work and perseverance.

Set in the Andes of the South of Chile, Khutrao is a valley of virgin slopes and enthralling energies. We hope you enjoy the film!


KHUTRAO 4 laureles.jpeg

We love capturing the views, moments, and adventures that make our life our paradise. In sharing them with you, we hope to inspire a sense of wonder and admiration for the outdoors and the wilderness. Like someone once said, "you can't protect what you don't know."


When we can, we like to make sure we get our most amazing moments on camera. We've been able to capture wildlife in its natural habitat, compile some great informational videos on backcountry survival, as well as capture some of our craziest adventures. Take a look!


Week Without Walls 2023 - FULL
Week Without Walls 2023 - SHORT
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