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Year-Round Tourism

Winter, Summer, rain or shine... Lonquimay and Agreste have options for you! This location is incredible year-round and offers a variety of season-specific activities that we can help you coordinate. Whether it be as a couple, group, alone or with family, we are here to make your travels easier and as personalized as possible. We are passionate about catering to YOUR needs! Our Build-Your-Own trip modality helps us build a schedule around each traveler's interests, creating for you a dynamic and varied itinerary that assures to make the most out of your time in Lonquimay!  


Some of our favorite programs are:

Outdoor Youth Programs

This program offers high-quality experiences and non-traditional learning opportunities; all students should expect to be challenged physically, intellectually and emotionally. We motivate students to go beyond their comfort zone, knowing that the journey will not be easy and that it will require self-knowledge and strength of character to accomplish. During our trips, we will not only be tourists in one of the most unexplored and beautiful places in Chile, but we will also be continually immersed in outdoor learning experiences.

We immerse ourselves in the culture of the area: the Chilean settlers and the mapuche-pewenche, which predominates in the area; learning their customs and language, and giving back to their community. We also spend time enjoying the outdoors with hikes to some of the best places Lonquimay has to offer: the Navidad crater and it's lava valley, we enjoy a kayak adventure on the Lonquimay river and also visit the historic Ránquil area to hike up to its hidden lakes. Survival workshops, learning some Mapudungún, visiting a Ruka... This, and much more awaits us in beautiful southern Chile!


Couples or Singles Retreat

We've had many groups of friends who want to experience the outdoors or who've signed up for Winter expeditions. The group dynamics is a fun way to travel and discover new places and experiences, which is why it's one of our favorite type of hosting! Families groups are a fun way to travel too, as we personalize each day for each family member so they can each experience activities of their interest. Coming back to our base camp, sitting by the fire sharing a meal is the perfect way to end each day and tell each other stories of what they experienced. It is very exciting for us when we see a family grow together, whilst

Travel as a Group, Friends, or Family

delving into their individual interests. We invite you to join the fun with your family or friends and visit us together - activities for all tastes abound!

A romantic horseback ride to hidden mountain springs? A starry night out on the deck of your dome? A class on Mapuche cuisine and trecking around snow-capped mountains? We enjoy contemplating the outdoors as much as you! Our idea of a solo or couples retreat can include peaceful meditations at the feet of a waterfall, cheese & wine evenings on the mountains with picture-perfect sunset views, or simply gifting yourself a spa-day, enjoying massages and natural hot springs. Lonquimay and its neighbor Malalcahuello have dozens of spas, wellness centers and natural hot springs to choose from, as well as gourmet and local restaurants offering a variety of Chilean, Mapuche and fusion cuisine. 

We have activities for all types of personalities - personalized excursions, adventure and romance await! 

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