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Who We Are

We fell in love with Lonquimay, its people, and surroundings. Our mission is to join forces with like-minded local entrepreneurs towards a common goal: to create unforgettable experiences that generate local movement, promote the area’s touristic attractions, and to take those who contact us out of their comfort zone within a controlled environment, minimizing risks without missing out on the possibility of experimenting the factors that make these type of experiences true and unforgettable adventures with local identity.

Our Team

We are a couple joined by our love for outdoor adventures and for the places we find in and around Lonquimay. Together with local companies and entrepreneurs, and the Mapuche community, we give all those who visit us an unforgettable experience by uniting the unique elements the area has to offer: the Mapuche-Pewenche culture, the way of life of the mountain, and maximum exposure to nature.

We are NOLS-Certified:

• Wilderness First Aid

• Adult/Child CPR, AED & Airway Management

• Epinephrine Auto-injector

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We are registered in the National Registry of Tourism Services (SERNATUR) of Chile 

Our Travellers


Agreste travelers come from around the world and from all age ranges. They sometimes come alone, with family, with friends or as couples. Yet, as varied as their groups, ages or origins may be, what unites them is their common love for nature and outdoor activities, their interest in other cultures, and the desire to experience personalized travel, allowing them to maximize their time here, enjoying their preferred activities with the comfort of knowing we've got their needs covered.

We work with our travelers using specialized and personalized knowledge, accommodating to their individual needs.

Our Philosophy

Local is Better

We love the experience of being able to connect with those who provide our food and our services. We pride ourselves in knowing local shop and restaurant owners who put their passion and life's work into their establishments and products. We love to see the faces behind the businesses and whether it be directly or indirectly, we want to make sure our actions are helping our neighbors and Lonquimay thrive. Agreste's services are all locally sourced; we work with people, not businesses, making sure the personalized attention we provide our guests is given by our most trusted friends. Enjoying a feeling of warmth and community during your visit is a normal occurrence here!


We are passionate about sustainability and living by leaving the smallest footprint possible. Our 16-acre land in Lonquimay, is specially equipped for preservation. All electricity is sourced from solar panels, while waste is sent to a bio-treatment plant. Water is sourced from various places, such as rainwater collection. We are lucky to live in an area where the spring water we drink is as good as (probably better) than any bottled water product available! Fresh drinking water is a privilege we don't take for granted, hence, we make sure our visitors understand the value of it, and ask that they use it wisely.


Off-Grid Living

Why live off the grid? By sourcing all your own energy, one becomes more conscious of consumption, waste, and reliability on these energies. In Agreste we work with a variety of electric, heating, water collection systems - and we are happy to show you how exactly they are set up to talk to each other and provide sufficient energy to meet the needs of our land.


Fair Trade

We believe that whether in personal or business relationships, trust, transparency, and respect must always come first. We value the people we work with: their skills, honesty, passion for the work they do, and their friendship; therefore their time and energy are compensated for accordingly. We think that if everyone is happy with their conditions, work is more pleasurable, which in the long run, is just a win-win for everyone involved. It is part of our mission to empower communities and in turn, enrich Lonquimay for everyone who visits it!

Our Team
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